The Significance of Our Stories

We see stories from all walks of life, all peoples and all ages. Stories have changed the world through revelation be it in the Bible, the Torah or the Quran. Stories change our world and are the most effective means of communication. Story telling and story sharing is and forever will be a part of the human experience. It is the common language shared by individuals, communities, societies and civilizations.

Stories are powerful, so powerful that even if they aren’t ours they can profoundly affect how we experience and perceive the world. Stories are the lens through which we view our experiences and interactions with others.  Stories are the common human language. As health care providers we are entrusted with the stories of our patients, of other human beings and these stories are unfiltered and are stories that contain chapters that have never been told or heard by many or anyone. When we as physicians realize this sacred trust we begin to formulate to the best of our ability guidance and direction for the physical, emotional, psychological and mental well being of the authors of these stories.

We are story keepers. It goes beyond certification, it goes beyond credentials. These credentials, yes are earned in a certain respect but gained over time and at the same time require ongoing development.

Historically, when a problem arises, we have seen that the stories of some have prevailed over others as well as the ability have their story known.

The CICC Clinic creates an environment in order for these stories of the individuals to be heard.

Additionally, we create a forum for the community to define and relay its story to the physicians of CICC and the health care providers as well as the greater health care provider team.

Additional Benefits of CICC Clincs

  • Reduced Transportation Cost

    By design CICC clinics reduce medical taxi services expenditures.

  • Efficient Medication Delivery

    Medications can either be dispensed at the time of visit (night cupboard model) and/or batch pickup and delivery by medical taxi the following day.

  • Unique Specialist Support & Access

    Dr. Schindel and the CICC model have the full support of a diverse number medical and surgical specialists some of which include the following areas: HIV, ENT, OBGYN, General Pediatrics, Developmental Pediatrics.

  • Physician Accessibility:

    Dr. Schindel has and will continue to make himself accessible to the health care team to the best of his ability even outside of the community’s designated doctor day hours.

  • Supports Greater CommunitySelf-sufficiency

    Dr. Schindel has established relationships within the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology who wish to further Point-of-Care testing to increasing the self-sufficiency of the Nation's healthcare clinics.

  • Strong Relationships within the College of Medicine

    In addition to providing quality care to the community through the CICC model, Dr. Schindel strives to better society's awareness and understanding of the unique healthcare needs of Indigenous peoples. Inviting medical learners from the U of S College of Medicine and Family Medicine residency programs with approval of the community allows future healthcare providers a starting point on the road to becoming cultural safe and competent Healthcare providers.


This is where I found new meaning in being a Family Physician. The answer isn’t always in a prescription pad. - Dr. J. Schindel

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